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Any parent can understand the appeal of exploring a fantasy world and slaying trolls and ogres. Unfortunately, video games often cut into homework time. Don't you wish there was a game that taught grammar? Well, there is. Parents looking for ways to keep their children's mind's occupied and sharp should sign up for a free 7 day trial of Knowledge Quest.

Knowledge Quest is a grammar game

Knowledge Quest is a grammar game by Jacaranda that teaches English literacy and grammatical concepts. Students undergo quests, battle monsters, and search for loot while learning and using important English skills. Knowledge Quest is designed to meet the requirements for the Australian Curriculum's Language and Literacy strands and sub-strands. The game focuses on five key modules of English skills:


Players start out by making their own character. The story begins on orientation day of SCIOPS Academy for Gifted Individuals, based in The City of the Clouds. From the city, players can travel to different planets to complete quests. Players earn experience points and trophies by completing quests, which allows them access to new skills and outfits. As the player progresses, quests become more difficult and the story unfolds.

The quests combine traditional video game elements with standard learning tools. In one quest, for example, players must cross a bottomless pit by jumping on platforms. The player is given a question and answer choices, and they must jump on platforms when the letter corresponding to the correct answer appears on the platform. Battles are also a big part of quests. When engaging monsters, the player must answer a multiple choice question before selecting an attack. A wrong answer results in the monster landing a successful blow!

Child’s Progress and Results

Knowledge Quest both teaches and assesses. Each quest is a mini-lesson. Tutorials help students practice skills and every quest culminates in a skill mastery test. At the end of each quest, players receive a diagnostic report of their performance, showing them where they excel and where they have room to get improve.

Knowledge Quest English Game Packs

Two levels of the game are available, each with different content: one for year levelss 6-8 and one for year levelss 8-10. Knowledge Quest is accompanied by optional print resources that teach and test the same concepts taught in the grammar game, making for easy reviewing of results and catering to the different learning styles of students. Knowledge Quests Teachers Edition is also available, providng parents with the answers to the skill mastery tests and allowing them to track their child’s progress and results.

Whether your child is struggling in English or they just want a challenge, Knowledge Quest is a grammar game that delivers results.
Start your FREE trial and let Jacaranda show you why Knowledge Quest is the best grammar game for kids.

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