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The City in the Clouds

The city in the clouds
The City of the Clouds is home to the SCIOPS Academy for gifted individuals; that is, people blessed with the ability to convert knowledge into tangible, usable power. The Academy's philosophy is focused on three main areas: education, physical fitness and duelling ability.

Part of an Academy cadet's duties is to practice their skills and abilities by completing quests on the planet. These quests take place in a variety of environments, all of which contain many monsters that you have to defeat, treasures to find and challenges to overcome.

As you complete quests you'll earn experience points, unlock new outfits and skills, win trophies and discover more about the people who live in the beautiful City in the Clouds

Meet the characters

Index (Dex)

Best friendIn times of trouble, Dex is your constant companion and confidence booster. He is highly intelligent, but is physically very scrawny. He isn't very good at duelling despite his ability to absorb knowledge like a sponge. He comes from a conventional family and is often neglected by them because they are preoccupied with their successful family business. He lacks social skills and deal with this by being a bit of a loner. He feels that his parents shipped him off to the Academy to get him out of their hair, and so he believes he has something to prove.




The Professor

The ProfessorThe Professor is your ultimate guide in your quest for knowledge. He is the wisest and most powerful being in the known galaxy, and his knowledge of English is seemingly infinite. Not much is known about The Professor's origin. He first appeared in Cloud City over 400 years ago and founded the SCIOPS Academy for gifted individuals a few years later. Some say the Professor is the last of a race of super-intelligent aliens; others say he is spawned from the Tree of Knowledge. Though the Professor's history is shrouded in mystery, he is an incredibly warm and kind-hearted man who cares deeply for his students and the inhabitants of Cloud City.




The ProfessorWant better battle tactics? Aegis the dueling instructor is the portal to superior powers. When she was a little girl, her older sister was taken by a swamp witch. This forced Aegis to have to grow up quickly. She is determined to be strong and never again allow someone she loves to be taken from her. Her fierce determination is matched by her incredible duelling prowess. She spent a few years as a Guardian, refining her already flawless technique. When the Professor first offered her the job as a duelling instructor within the SCIOPS academy, she turned it down. The patience and diplomacy of the Professor eventually swayed her, and the recruits coming out of the academy are much better for it.





The Physical InstructorNeed more muscle power? When the going gets tough and you feel on the brink of exhaustion, Anvil the physical instructor will give you the boost you need. Anvil was born into a life of poverty. He was an orphan with no siblings to help look after him; therefore, he had two choices: fight for his life every day or give up and perish. In order to survive, his choice was simple: he chose to fight. He is a man of incredible fortitude and has an indomitable will. After spending a few years on the gladiatorial circuit, the Professor recognised his impressive ability and temperament and offered him a job at the SCIOPS academy. He jumped at the opportunity and has since taken to the role of physical instructor like a fish to water. The physical instructor is a tough but fair teacher. Outside of class, he is one of the friendliest people in Cloud City and will happily help anyone in need.



Chancellor Veil

Chancellor VeilFrom an early age, Veil has loved nature and is passionate about protecting and nurturing all trees. After many years as a tree physician, his dedication earned him the top job in the City in the Clouds, the Chancellor and Guardian of the Tree of Knowledge. He has used his influence to create the Garden Fund, which has successfully built a garden sanctuary high in the city. All citizens of the City in the Clouds are free to use the garden as a retreat, to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Veil always strives to do better in his role as Chancellor, but he has been known to act hastily before considering the consequences.





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