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Knowledge Quest: Learning Literacy Through Gaming

Everyone plays video games these days. Even many moms have taken up the joyous hobby of virtual farming. Did you know that there is a game that parents and kids can play together and actually learn something useful, like English grammar? Begin your FREE trial of Knowledge Quest to see how this literacy game can help sharpen the skills of anyone, regardless of their reading or gaming abilities.

Spelling Game for the Australian Curriculum

Knowledge Quest is Jacaranda's revolutionary experience that combines the mechanics of popular video games with standard teaching tools. Students become immersed in foreign worlds where they undertake quests, duel with monsters and collect treasure. The content of Knowledge Quest was designed to align with the Australian Curriculum's Language and Literacy strands and their sub-strands. Knowledge Quest is guaranteed to improve your child's skills in:

Play and Learn

Players begin by creating their own character. The game is set in The City of the Clouds, home to the SCIOPS Academy for Gifted Individuals. After a tutorial explaining the game's basics, the player earns experience points as they complete quests, which unlocks new outfits and skills. New, more difficult quests become available as the story progresses.

Educational content seamlessly mixes with gameplay. For instance, some puzzles require the player to activate switches to open a blocked path. Each switch asks a question, and the player must answer each one correctly to continue. All answers must be correct to progress; therefore, the player must figure out on their own which questions they answered incorrectly if they cannot continue. During quests, the player will also engage in duels with monsters. Before taking an action, the player must answer a multiple choice question. As they answer successfully, they build up strength to perform special attacks; however, getting a wrong answer gives the enemy a chance to strike.

Knowledge Quest is both a teaching and assessing tool. Every quest is a short grammar lesson. The game provides very clear tutorials on the grammatical concepts and how to play the game. At the end of each quest, the player must complete a skillmastery test, which gives them a report of their stregnths and weaknesses.

Knowledge Quest English Game Packs

Jacaranda has released two versions of KQ: one for students in years 6-8 and one for students in years 8-10. Parents and teachers can also get print resources that follow along with the game, and all of the answers to the game's questions are in the Teacher's Edition. To play Knowledge Quest, all that is required is an internet browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, with javascript enabled and a recent version of Adobe Flash player.

Knowledge Quest as a literacy game is perfect for the student who needs tutoring or students who are ahead of the game and just want a challenge. Your FREE trial is a click away. In just a few minutes, you could be playing the most unique literacy game on the market.

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