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Knowledge Quest Punctuates the Importance of Grammar

Fantasy adventure games appeal to children's curiosity to explore the unknown. While many parents lament the amount of time their kids spend playing video games, Jacaranda has given parents a reason to encourage gaming after school: Knowledge Quest. In Knowledge Quest, players journey to new worlds while learning the fundamentals of English. Take advantage of the very short sign up process for a FREE 7 day trial to get immediate full access.

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Knowledge Quests is fantasy video game that encourages exploration of the English language. Like any traditional video game, players accept quests, defeat monsters and search for treasure all while learning and practicing reading, spelling and grammar. Created to adhere to the Australian Curriculum's Language and Literacy sub-strands, Knowledge Quest will have your children well prepared to pass their school exams.

The journey begins with students customizing their character. The story opens on the first day of school for the SCIOPS Academy for Gifted Individuals. From its base in The City of the Clouds, players can land on different planets to accept quests. By completing quests, players accumulate experience points. Spoils from quests can be used to buy new outfits for their characters and power-ups needed to face strong enemies. A fun story with an intriguing cast unfolds as players continue to complete more and more difficult quests and master English.

Quests present students with puzzles that teach mini grammar lessons. One puzzle has the player activate switches by answering grammar questions. To make a gate open, the player must choose the correct answer for all of the switches. If the gate does not open, they must figure out which one they got wrong and fix it to continue. Other puzzles require students to play a spelling or punctuation game to progress. Players will also have to fight monsters to get through each quest. Players must answer multiple choice questions in order to build energy to attack; an incorrect answer will give the enemy to land a strike.

Knowledge Quest English Game Packs

Knowledge Quest currently comes in two different levels, one for years 6-8 and another for students in years 8-10. The game comes with print resources to supplement the game, as well as a Teacher's Edition with all of the answers.

Knowledge Quest can be used to tutor the struggling student or simply provide educational entertainment for the avid gamer. A 7 day FREE trial will convince you and your child that Knowledge Quest is the best grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading, and punctuation game online.

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