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Knowledge Quest game helps students conquer Spelling

Video games are becoming an increasingly popular learning tool with many schools, teachers and parents already utilising the benefits they deliver. Instead of playing violent games, wouldn't you rather your child playing video games that help them in their studies, like improving their spelling? Jacaranda understands the concerns of parents, and that's why we created Knowledge Quest, a computer game that teaches spelling and other grammatical concepts. We offer a FREE seven day trial for parents, students and teachers to see what Knowledge Quest is all about.

Knowledge Quest is a Spelling Game

Knowledge Quest takes students to a world where they must undertake quests by solving challenges and defeating monsters, all while learning and practicing the skills they need to become masters of the English language. The game's content is designed to cover key strands of the Australian Curriculum, specifically the Language and Literacy stands and their sub-strands. Knowledge Quest helps students understand the intricacies of English grammar, spelling and punctuation, in addition to extending their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

Play and Learn

When students begin the game, they start by creating their own unique character. The game's story revolves around SCIOPS Academy for Gifted Individuals, which is located in a metropolis known as The City of the Clouds. The City acts as a home base from which players can travel to different environments and undergo quests. Finishing a quest gives players experience points that can be used to learn new abilities and acquire new outfits for their characters.

Each quest incorporates standard video game obstacles, such as jumping over platforms, with spelling games and other interactive challenges that teach and test English grammatical concepts. Battles are similar to role playing games in which players must select their actions through a menu. Instead of simply attacking and using their powers, students must correctly answer multiple choice questions to attack their enemies. If the player answers the question incorrectly, the enemy can retaliate, draining the player's life bar.

Knowledge Quest English Game Packs

We have split the Knowledge Quest game up into two levels to allow continuity of the skills being used in the classroom and the home. Knowledge Quest 1 correlates with year 6-8 curricula, with Knowledge Quest 2 is designed for students in years 8-10. Both games come with the option of supporting print resources that reemphasize the concepts taught in the game. Knowledge Quest also comes in a teacher's edition, so teachers and parents alike, can follow their child’s or students’ progress throughout the game.

Knowledge Quest is great alternative to hiring an expensive tutor and is the most unique grammar and spelling game on the market. Trial Knowledge Quest FREE, for seven days and you will have your children begging for more. Who would have thought they'd ever be so excited to learn English!

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