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Expand Your Child's Vocabulary With Knowledge Quest

There is no arguing that video games stimulate the brain. Some require a little more brain power than others, but the fun of any game is learning the rules and getting better at it. Jacaranda has developed a program that appeals to the kind of instant-gratification video games offer while helping students expand their vocabularies and improve their reading skills. Knowledge Quest is a computer game set in a fantasy world that takes players through the ropes of English grammar. Parents and students can both sign up for a 7 day trial in just a couple of minutes to see what KQ is all about.

Play and Expand Vocabulary

As they explore the Knowledge Quest universe, students will undergo unique quests, duel fierce monsters and loot unknown planets, all while becoming masters of the English language. Jacardana designed Knowledge Quest to correlate with the national Australian Curriculum's Language and Literacy strands. The game explains and tests concepts like grammar, spelling, punctuation, reading and vocabulary.

Students start by choosing their character's physical appearance and outfit. Then they begin their training at the SCIOPS Academy for Gifted Individuals, located in the floating City of the Clouds. From the City, students fly to different planets and tackle quests to earn experience points which allow them to gain new skills and outfits. Only a few quests are initially available; however, harder quests present themselves as the player makes their way through the game's story.

During quests, students explore foreign planets and overcome obstacles to progress, like puzzles that require students to play a vocabulary game or a spelling game to continue. Students will also encounter monsters, which they must duel. Before attacking, the player must correctly answer a question about English grammar. Attacks become more powerful as the player continues to answer questions correctly, but a missed answer will give the monster a chance to attack instead! Every quest ends with a skillmastery test which students are rewarded for completing.

Knowledge Quest English Game Packs

There are currently two different version of Knowledge Quest available, one correlating with the years 6-8 curricula and another correlating with years 8-10. Print resources are available that re-teach concepts in the game, and a Teacher's Edition provides teachers and parents with the correct answers to all of the game's questions. To play Knowledge Quest, all that is required is an Internet browser with javascript enabled, like Internet Explorer or Safari, and a recent edition of Adobe Flash.

Make sure that the right parts of your children's brains are being exercised by opening a FREE trial account right now. Seven days with Knowledge Quest is all you need to see why it is the best grammar, spelling, punctuation, reading and vocabulary game on the web.

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